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Jeff Plant


About Jeff...

From his website, we can quote this: "...He has traveled extensively over the world performing music with a variety of artists and groups.  He has recorded on hundreds of albums, commercials, soundtracks, demos, and sessions.  He has recorded or performed with artists such as Wynonna Judd, Norah Jones, Oz Noy, Chris Coleman, Natalie Grant, Jimi Tunnell, Dave Fiuczynski, Kirk Whalum, Tom Braxton, Jose Rossy, Mark Lettieri, Nachito Herrera, Michael Harris, Matt Thompson, Andy Timmons, Aaron Spears, as well as several Symphony Orchestras and three Super Bowls and many more..." And now we can add Vast Conduit to his vast list! How did Vast Conduit get so lucky?! Unknown, but we hope y'all will appreciate every nuance of his playing on these tracks!

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