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Always Be There


Genre: Smooth Prog


Album Reviews

Press release is here.

Always Be There is dedicated to the notion of doing whatever we can to build and cherish all parent/child relationships, regardless of circumstance. There are so many different ways these can suffer – death, divorce, illness, self-centeredness, etc. – yet they are so vital to our happiness and well-being. Every moment we have to support each other and make each other's lives better is precious.

Official release will be February 16th, 2022!

Pre-release is available on Bandcamp and iTunes. More links will be provided as they become available. Physical CDs can be pre-ordered here.

Always Be There Videos

Sampler :

Abridged trailer :

Currently in the works is another video featuring Michael Harris and his guitar solos in the Always Be There album...


Several of Michael's guitar solo videos are now up on our videos page.

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